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We pretty much know WHAT kinds of plantings that can be done out there. This conference will mainly be about HOW it can be done. Time to learn, share experiences and DO it!

The conference will be held 7-9 September 2022, at Slagthuset in Malmö, Sweden.

The pub at Slagthuset will open for the conference participants on the 7th and 8th, after the talks are finished, around 5 pm/17.00. And there will be a possibility to book an evening meal, see TICKETS.

The program below is what is planned and booked for. We do indeed hope it will stay this way. Nevertheless we have to say that the program might be adjusted prior to the conference; it can be subject to change.


9.00 Registration & coffee

10.45 Introduction

11.00 PETER KORN - No problem

11.15 ADAM BLACK - The complex subject of plant adaptability: Clues from nature, surprises in our gardens

12.00 Lunch

13.30 HÅKAN WALLANDER - How mycorrhizal fungi built soil organic matter and improve growth of plants

14.15 HELEN BASSON - End user experience – designing for people not plants

15.00 Fika/coffee

15.45 - THOMAS DOXIADIS - The snake in the garden. Designing for symbiosis

16.45 - Sum-up

17.00 - Pub


8.00 Registration & coffee

9.00 Introduction

9.15 NIGEL DUNNETT Transform: Dynamic ground layers from sun to shade in parks and gardens

10.00 Fika/coffee

10.45 JANE SCHUL - What need a plant user to know about plants?

11.30 MONA HOLMBERG - ”Same, same, but different” 

12.15 Lunch

13.45 LISA ROPER - The evolution of chanticleer’s gravel garden

14.30 KENTON SETH Hardy succulents: Beyond the sea of sedum

15.00 Fika/coffee

15.45 - ADAM BLACK - Changing our landscapes to deal with rough times

16.45 Sum-up

17.00  Pub


8.00 Registration & coffee

9.00 Introduction

9.15 KENTON SETH - The modern crevice garden

10.00 Fika/coffee

10.45 LISA ROPER - Embrace the shady side

11.30 NIGEL DUNNET - Future nature: Urban solutions that go beyond ‘green infrastructure’

12.30 Lunch

14.00 PETER KORN - High diversity plantings

15.00 Sum-up & evaluation

15.15 Fika/coffee