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Håkan Wallander

Professor in Soil Biology | Environmental Sciencesat Lund University

Håkan Wallander is a professor in Soil Biology and Environmental Sciencesat Lund University, Sweden. His most recent research has focused on plant uptake of poorly available phosphorous from the soil, and the importance of mycorrhizal biomass and necromass for building soil organic matter. He has worked in different natural ecosystems including recently formed volcanic islands and natural grasslands, but also in agricultural fields and managed forests. In his spare time he spends a lot of time in the garden and has a special interest in perennial vegetables and forest gardens.

How mycorrhizal fungi build soil organic matter and improve growth of plants

September 7th, 13.30

As a professor in Soil Biology at Lund University, Sweden, Håkan Wallander will discuss the biodiversity of soils, and explain how soils can harbor so many different organisms. A special focus will be put on mycorrhizal fungi, which forms symbiotic associations with plants to improve nutrient uptake. These fungi are also of fundamental importance for building soil organic matter, and they constitute an important food source for soil organism. The impact of added biochar on mycorrhizal activity will be covered in the presentation, and an outlook towards a more sustainable future agriculture will also be given.