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The Area

The Area

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The region

Malmö is in the middle of the so called Öresunds-area, also called Greater Copenhagen. It includes the southern part of Sweden called Skåne, as well as Copenhagen and the eastern part of Denmark. From the train station there are great connections to and from other Swedish cities as well as Copenhagen and the rest of Europe.


The biggest city in the region. From the centre of Malmö to the centre of Copenhagen it takes about 45 minutes on a train. The official visitor site of Copenhagen

Places to visit in the Copenhagen area
Copenhagen Botanical Garden is centrally located and easily accessed by train from Malmö. Well worth a visit.

A winter garden as well as majestic art, is what you find at Glyptoteket. ”Glyptoteket has been open to the public since 1897 and holds over 10,000 works primarily divided between ancient antiquities and Danish and French sculpture and painting from the 19th century.”

Forstbotanisk Have is an arboretum from 1799 is a bit north of Copenhagen. Originally built for for the University of Copenhagen and it still contains impressively large and – for the Scandinavian climate – exotic trees.

A favorit place a bit outside of Copenhagen is Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art with an amazing architecture, a sculpture parc by the sea and very good exhibitions.


Places to visit in Lund, some recommendations
20 km from Malmö is Lund. An old charming university city with a beautiful cathedral. The official visitor site of Lund.
There is a charming Botanical Garden in Lund.



Vellinge Campus, 20 km south of Malmö
Klinta Trädgård’s Peter Korn has been involved in the building of Campus Vellinge (it does not quite look as in the picture of this site…). Large areas have been planted and sown. This is one of the projects Peter is going to talk about in his talk at the conference. Google maps hasn’t been updated since the project finished, but the link shows the location.