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The region

Malmö is in the middle of the so called Öresunds-area, also called Greater Copenhagen. It includes the southern part of Sweden called Skåne, as well as Copenhagen and the eastern part of Denmark.

From the train station there are great connections to and from other Swedish cities as well as Copenhagen and the rest of Europe.

Malmö, Sweden

Sweden’s third biggest city, called the City of Parks. Malmö has quite a few attractions when it comes to the landscape sector. Accept from the parks, there are theme play grounds around the city, a limestone quarry turned into a nature reserve (you need to book tickets for a guided tour to be let in there, but it is a fascinating view from above as well) and alot of flowers around town. The official visitor site of Malmö

Another useful guidebook site to spot things to do in Malmö including links to a few of the parks.

Here are some recommendations for places to visit in Malmö.

Kungsparken & Slottsparken

These parks are about a ten minute walk from the conference hall. Next to Malmö Castle Garden/Slottsträdgården (below).

Kungsparken is the oldest park in Malmö, opened in 1872. This park was designed with the English garden ideals in mind, for the bourgeois people.

Slottsparken is connected to Kungsparken. With ideals from America and landscape architect Olmstead, this park was designed for all social classes. It opened in 1900.

Malmo Castle Garden

Malmo Castle Garden/Slottsträdgården, is a garden in central Malmö. It opened in 1998 and is nowadays a popular spot for the people in the city as well as tourists. This is also where Malmo Garden Show takes place, this year June, 3-5. Peter Korn, one of the conference organizers, has created one of the theme gardens in this garden ”Torrt och Frodigt”.

The garden’s official site (Swedish only)
Malmö Garden Show

Västra Hamnen

Västra hamnen , the Western Harbour, is in the western parts of Malmö, by the sea, you can see one of the largest residential construction projects of Malmö. It started in 2001 and is due for completion after 2030. It has always attracted architects and landscape architects because of the pioneering environmental solutions and innovative architecture.

It is also in this part of Malmö we have the tallest building in Scandinavia (190,4 m); Turning Torso by Santiago Calatrava.

A few hundred metres from Turning Torso, you can have a look at one of Klinta Trädgård’s plantings, designed by Peter Korn. It was planted in early 2019, along the wind exposed walk at Barometergatan.


Cementparken is a park where concrete from the former concrete factory, has been used a the substrate in most of the planting beds. It is Malmö city council who desigend it and it opened in 2016. Garden journalist Lisa Ising writes about it (Swedish) in a short and descriptive way. There is no webbpage for it, but you can see pictures and find the address, by searching Cementparken Malmö.


Trädgårdspaletten is the best nursery experience in Malmö. With a very personal touch and plants of good quality, this family business stands out.

Green walls in Malmö

Klinta Trädgård in cooperation with Stockholm based company Butong, have resulted in a few green wall projects in public spaces in Malmö. Planting design: Peter Korn.

P-huset Anna (multistorey car park)
Godsmagasinet (multistorey car park)

Eco City Augustenborg & Green Roof Institute

Augustenborg eco city is a part of Malmö, where Malmö has shown great efforts to create urban sustainability. This is also where you can find the Green Roof Institute

There are nowadays several more places around Malmö, where ”blue green” solutions have been implemented. Malmö: den blågröna staden (Swedish only)

Places to visit in Lund, some recommendations

20 km from Malmö is Lund. An old charming university city with a beautiful cathedral.

The official visitor site of Lund.

There is a charming Botanical Garden in Lund.

Vellinge Campus, 20 km south of Malmö

KlintaTrädgård’s Peter Korn has been involved in the building of Campus Vellinge On this home page you find some of the technical drawings for it. Large areas have been planted and sown. This is one of the projects Peter is going to talk about in his talk at the conference. 

Googlemaps hasn’t been updated since the project finished, but the link shows the location. 


The biggest city in the region. From the centre of Malmö to the centre of Copenhagen it takes about 45 minutes on a train.

The official visitor site of Copenhagen.

Places to visit in the Copenhagen area

Copenhagen Botanical Garden is centrally located and easily accessed by train from Malmö. Well worth a visit.

For stbotanisk Have (Danishonly) is an arboretum from 1799 is a bit north of Copenhagen. Originally built for for the University of Copenhagen and it still contains impressively large and – for the Scandinavian climate – exotic trees.

A favorite place a bit outside of Copenhagen is Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art with an amazing architecture, a sculpture parc by the sea and very good exhibitions.