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Edith Hammer

Associate senior lecturer | PhD | Lund University
Lund, Sweden

Edith Hammer is a microbial ecologist interested in plant-microbe and microbe-soil interactions at Lund University. She has been intensively studying the mycorrhizal symbiosis, fungal interactions with biochar and soil aggregation processes. She recently developed microfluidic model systems that simulate the spatial microstructure of soil microbial habitats in a transparent material, so called Soil Chips that act like a window to the soil, and allows her to study microbes as they experience their surroundings, and the soil processes they perform.

15 September at 13.30

Broadcast from the underground – the secret life of the soil microbes

Microbes build our soil and drive the important nutrient cycles that allow the circle of life. They are of invaluable importance for plant systems as symbionts, pathogens, and drivers of the nutrient cycles. This talk will allow you a sneak peak into the secret and crawling live within plant roots, biochar particles and the vastness of the soil labyrinth. With the use of “window into the soil”- microfluidic chips, we can eaves-drop on a world that otherwise is largely hidden to us: Jostling protists, tsunami-like drying-rewetting events, and fungi with character. Beyond the scientific potential, the chips can also bring soils closer to people and hopefully increase engagement in soil health conservation.